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We love updates about our babies!!

Penny is adjusting really well. She loves the kids and they love her. She's really loving socks and shoes.  Kids are learning to pick up after themselves and us too. She loves to go outside and sit on the porch and listen, it's the cutest. She went to the vet and now weighs 8lbs. She's adorable. Also, not a fan of the vacuum but she hides under the couch, it's pretty cute.

Penny (fka Jetta) 

Cocker Doodle

I’d say he’s quite comfortable! Jimmy’s doing great!
He is getting used to his crate, cries for ~20 min when we put him in and then is good until 6am or so.
Potty training is progressing he still has some accidents but is getting better.
Rosie and he get along pretty well but there is a large size difference so we have to watch them.
He has figured out stairs and how to get on and off the couch.


Cocker Doodle

Gracie Lou is a cutie! Just look at that face!! I just want to squeeze it, too!!

Gracie Lou (fka Jasmine)

Cocker Doodle

She is so much darker than I would have guessed. Such a beauty!!

Bella Joy (fka Joy)

Cocker Doodle

Cocker Doodles: Testimonials
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