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Each of our dogs are carefully chosen for their temperament, markings, personality, and example of breed.  We treat each dog like family.  They are loved, pampered, and doted on.  I have three boys that spoil these dogs rotten.  (It really is the cutest thing to watch.)

We love dogs at our house!!!  My kids tease me sometimes that I love the dogs more than I love them....I love the dogs (and every puppy we have ever had) as much as my kids....and some days I probably do love the dogs more!!

Our Dogs: Outdoor Activities


Purebred, male, AKC registered Miniature Poodle.

Benny is the cutest little boy you will ever meet.  He is a purebred, AKC registered miniature poodle.  He has been genetically tested and is clear on everything.  He carries almost every color.  He is the cutest little cuddle bug you will ever meet.  He loves to snuggle up close with his head on your shoulder.
Benny has been trained as a therapy dog and a service dog!!


Purebred, female, AKC registered Miniature Poodle.

Luna is an adorable little AKC registered miniature poodle. She is so very timid and shy.  She loves to play with the other dogs and snuggles right in at bed time.  Her genetic testing has come back clear.  She carries tricolor, black, tan, parti, and piebald.


Female, F1 Miniature Aussiedoodle

Rylee is a precious little Aussiedoodle.  She is really fun.  She likes to run and play with people and other dogs.  She is perfectly content to sit with her people on the couch and take a nap, too. She has been health tested and is clear.


Purebred, female, UKC registered Beagle.

Ruby Dooby Doo came to our house last summer. She is such a snuggler. If you are in the kitchen, watch your feet.....that's where you find this sweet girl. If you are on the couch.....that's where Ruby will be. She just wants to snuggle ALL THE TIME! Sweet Ruby has been genetically tested and is clear of everything. She is going to be a beagle doodle momma.


Purebred, female, AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel.

Daisy Mae is a must have. Look at that face!!?!! Daisy came to us terrified of noise of any kind. Just reaffirmed to me the need for good puppy socialization. Daisy has come a long way. She thinks our 20 year old giant teddy bear boy is her favorite person. So much for being a momma's girl. Miss Daisy has been genetically tested and is clear and healthy!!


Purebred, female, AKC registered Beagle.

I have a boy that needed his own little we went halvsies! Sweet Darla is a bit wild and a bit crazy and the best little snuggler with her boy! He loves having a dog that he can call his!! Darla is an AKC registered lemon beagle. She loves to play, play, play...and she does it well with everyone. Can't wait for some lemon babies!




Purebred, female, AKC registered Beagle.

Jill is a sweet little beagle.  She is a purebred, AKC registered beagle with champion breeding.  She is a fun little girl with lots of energy, but she likes to snuggle on the couch, too.  Jill has been genetically tested and all results came back clear.

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