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We are a family of four (mom and three growing boys) living in a rural community in Eastern Idaho.  We love the open space and room to move.  We love dogs.  It is that love for dogs that grew into the desire to breed dogs.  We love to have dogs around, to play with, to run with, to snuggle with, to spoil, and enjoy. 

As a mother I thoroughly enjoy watching my boys love these dogs and their puppies.  Boys can be rough and tumble, but when it comes to our dogs, these boys are so kind, compassionate, loving, doting, caring, and devoted.  It is a joy to watch.  With the boys around these dogs and puppies want for nothing.  They are spoiled every step of the way.

Our dogs are a joy in our lives and we pride ourselves in raising quality dogs. We love raising puppies.  I especially love raising them to watch my boys play with them. It teaches the boys to love more fully, learn to work, and follow through. We love providing families with healthy, quality, canine family members.  We strive to find the best in color, disposition, and genetic traits to provide quality, healthy puppies for you.

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