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Beagle Doodles, Miniature Poodles, F1b Miniature Aussiedoodles, and Cocker Doodles

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That's right....our remaining F1b miniature aussiedoodles and our AKC miniature poodles are now deeply, deeply discounted.....all the way down to $500.

All of our babies comes fully spoiled rotten. They are up-to-date on their vaccines. They have been dewormed and vet checked. Everyone leaves our house healthy and happy. We litter box train, teach them to use the doggie door, and give them access to a crate. 

And, best of all.....they all come with free puppysitting for life! We love to have our babies come back for a visit....they will always be my babies!

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all five (1 week) (21).jpg

Luna blessed us with five sweet, tiny babies on March 9th.... Quincy, Quasi, Quigley, Quintessa, and Quade.

Our miniature poodles are expected to be right around 20 pounds when full grown.


all five (2 weeks) (3).jpg

Rylee delivered five sweet, tiny babies on March 3rd....Penelope (Penny), Percy, Pierre, Pongo, and Pete.

Our miniature aussiedoodles are expected to be between 15 and 20 pounds when full grown.

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We send out a notification whenever new babies arrive to those who have subscribed to our website....we promise we aren't spammers!

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